Windows 10 Launch – Not Windows 8 Has Arrived

Windows 10 Launch - Not Windows 8 Has Arrived

It’s here. It’s landed. The last OS release ever!

It feels like Windows 10 has been about forever – the Beta was released in October 2014, and it felt like we hit ‘peak Windows 10’ some time ago. But Microsoft were so keen to avoid the Windows 8 mistakes of old that ol’ Bill Gates himself forgot how to count from 8 to 10. This Beta release and testing has resulted in a smooth release, with more visibility of changes that has allowed IT departments to prepare, or at least not to be shocked.

In terms of measureable success and popularity, the numbers vary, but it’s certainly in the tens of millions in a very short space of time. Figures such as ‘1000 upgrades an hour’ are being batted about. If that’s the case, then it looks like a successful, and popular launch. Personally speaking, the new laptop sat next to me is two hours in to its life and still upgrading (sat at 20%). Hopefully that is due to Microsoft’s download speeds, as it’s a brand new i3 with 4 Gb of RAM.

Recommended Specifications?

In terms of the spec required to run the new OS, Desire Athrow at TechRadar has written an article where they managed to get a 12 year old Mesh PC with an Athlon 3200 / 1G RAM to run the new operating system. Just don’t expect to be doing much more than web browsing with it.

For those not sure whether to go for Windows 10, there is a roll-back option built in that is active for 30 days, but it seems a bit hit and miss (mostly miss) with the built-in software. Products such as System Go Back (free / buy) or Acronis (£40) are worth exploring.

Finally – Windows 10 – it’s not Windows 8, which makes it a winner in many people’s eyes. But with end of life for Windows 7 being 4+ years away (January 2020 is the target) adopting now might be a brave move for those that are happy with their existing set-up, especially for larger organisations who currently have Windows Server 2003 and XP machines still to worry about. But for smaller companies, lone-wolves and personal users – the jump seems like a more logical choice in the coming months.

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