Website: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?



With the news that Ross County have lost their website*, we look at the options for your website. Hopefully it will give you peace of mind, if not, it’ll give you the kick up the rear you need to resolve it.


So let’s assume you need your website. Hopefully you like it and it does what you want in terms of discovery, selling, point of contact etc. But is it backed up? If you don’t know the answer, then read on.


What’s backed up, and who’s doing what – expectations vs reality:

Server / host: your provider should have it’s drives backed up, so if it breaks something or accidentally deletes everything, they can quickly put everything back within a few hours so everything is as it was.


Client: if you accidentally delete a page, site or database, then you are responsible for fixing it. Hosts will offer daily, weekly or monthly backups as an additional product. It’s possible to do it yourself, or get your web designers to do it. If you use cPanel, or similar, then it has options to save your site.


Content: assuming you wrote the content for your website and provided any images / media, then you should have all that content and anything additional sent e.g. blogs or news. Saved somewhere and backed up, just in case. Why wouldn’t you? It also makes any website updates or new websites simpler as you have your content to hand.


What We Do:


Our websites are always backed up as of the day the site goes up. We do offer additional daily and weekly backups if you require it. For example, if you write blogs or have live events and calendars then a daily or weekly update will keep all this additional content, rather than the original version of the website.


If you have any questions about any of the above, then feel free to get in touch with us.
* A few hours later, and it looks like Ross County have a slightly out of date version of their website up. All ok unless you want the fixtures, which I did.