RIP Samsung S7 Edge – What Phone Next?

phones The new Samsung S7 Edge is no more. How a device that sets itself on fire gets past testing is a question Samsung will have to answer pretty quick if it’s to keep it’s hard won reputation as the World’s number one mobile phone retailer. So what are the current alternatives to a firey pocket, or worse?


Apple Alternatives:


iPhone 6S


16G data capacity just isn’t enough with all the apps, emails, pictures etc etc that we all acquire. If it was enough, why are make a 128G version? This phone has obviously been superseded by the iPhone 7, but that has average at best battery life, similar looks, and iOS 10 just like the iPhone 6.

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Website: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?



With the news that Ross County have lost their website*, we look at the options for your website. Hopefully it will give you peace of mind, if not, it’ll give you the kick up the rear you need to resolve it.


So let’s assume you need your website. Hopefully you like it and it does what you want in terms of discovery, selling, point of contact etc. But is it backed up? If you don’t know the answer, then read on.


What’s backed up, and who’s doing what – expectations vs reality:

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Alternatives to Google. The rise of DuckDuckGo.

Duck Duck Go logoIt might be the ubiquitous word for searching on the internet, but there are different ways to google (verb: small g not capital G). But why would you want to? You do wonder why anyone uses Yahoo without their anti virus software changing their search engine preferences, but there are advantages to the alternatives.

For designers and SEO purposes, Google still has the lions share of searches (approx. 60%) with Bing, Yahoo, Ask and the others in its wake with the remaining 40%. But that means you still need to focus on the other 40%.

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