RIP Samsung S7 Edge – What Phone Next?

phones The new Samsung S7 Edge is no more. How a device that sets itself on fire gets past testing is a question Samsung will have to answer pretty quick if it’s to keep it’s hard won reputation as the World’s number one mobile phone retailer. So what are the current alternatives to a firey pocket, or worse?


Apple Alternatives:


iPhone 6S


16G data capacity just isn’t enough with all the apps, emails, pictures etc etc that we all acquire. If it was enough, why are make a 128G version? This phone has obviously been superseded by the iPhone 7, but that has average at best battery life, similar looks, and iOS 10 just like the iPhone 6.

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Microsoft Are Back

Were they ever away?

Well, they certainly lost their mojo and pioneering spirit. But their recent launch including a new laptop, tablet and mobile devices has seen them change direction. How does that effect us as customers?

Whilst the Surface Pro 4 is an evolution from previous models, the new Surface Book laptop is a gesture of serious intent by Microsoft. By becoming a manufacturer, they are directly competing with not only Apple, but with the companies they normally supply Operating Systems to: Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer etc.

On top of the Windows 8 / 10, these companies use Microsoft’s software: Office, Outlook, OneDrive etc, and are now direct competitors. With flagship stores being opened in New York and Sydney, with more promised, this is a business model with similarities.

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