RIP Samsung S7 Edge – What Phone Next?

phones The new Samsung S7 Edge is no more. How a device that sets itself on fire gets past testing is a question Samsung will have to answer pretty quick if it’s to keep it’s hard won reputation as the World’s number one mobile phone retailer. So what are the current alternatives to a firey pocket, or worse?


Apple Alternatives:


iPhone 6S


16G data capacity just isn’t enough with all the apps, emails, pictures etc etc that we all acquire. If it was enough, why are make a 128G version? This phone has obviously been superseded by the iPhone 7, but that has average at best battery life, similar looks, and iOS 10 just like the iPhone 6.


iPhone 6 Plus


Same as the 6S, just a bit bigger. I know there’s more than that to say, but only the resolution will be noticed by most people. With it’s large screen, probably the best Apple alternative to the S7 Edge.


iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


Whilst I’m not an Apple fan, the 6 range deserves respect. So far, the iPhone 7 phones have failed to meet the standards of its predecessor. There are many similarities – most of them positive. The negatives are largely to be found in the 7. Battery life, price, headphone socket and the same styling.




Android Alternatives:


As Android is the Wild West compared to iOS devices, there are a lot to choose from, so I’ve picked my favorites:


Google Pixel


Yes, yes – it’s not the first Google phone (and this phone was a collaboration with HTC), but if you know that, you’re probably already an Android user. It’s ground-breaking, but like a lot of new ideas (no headphone jack springs to mind) it’ll be early adopters and not the masses that use this device. Google are playing the long game. It’s still a great phone, though.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7


It’s big, and shiny, and waterproof, and very similar to the S7 Edge – if you wanted a similar device. It’s huge size will put many off, as will its high price.


Nexus 6P / Pixel XL

Different phones, a year apart, but very similar specs. With the launch of the Pixel this is probably the last Nexus phone. It’s the right size and well priced. Worth a look. The 6P still holds its own, but how long will it get software updates? Always a risk.


HTC 10


HTC are back on form. It’s expandable memory make it a stand out for many. It’s specs are good, and the price is low for the specs. The Sense software can be frustrating, but so can TouchWiz on Samsung.


OnePlus 3


With one of the fastest processors and the most memory (6G) this offers a lot of value for money. OnePlus’s ‘Flagship Killer’ mission statement is still a bit ambitious, but when you look at the price point, it makes more sense. With Nougat on it’s way, this is the best value phone on offer.

It’s also worth mentioning: LG G5 (promising, but not quite there), Huawei 9 (good value, but poor software), Sony Z5 (same as the Huawei), Moto G4 (best value, but a different market / entry level), OnePlus X (lower spec, good value, but a middle tier phone).




As always, iPhone offers a simpler range of choices, but that can make decision making easier = desire v specs v price. Android’s complexity and wide choice, as always, confuses and makes choosing a phone difficult. Generally, I always go for the newest, best value-for-money phone out there.


For me, that narrows it down to an HTC 10, OnePlus 3 or iPhone 6 second hand. Decisions, decisions…