Twitter is Dead #RIPTwitter


Or is it?

Well no, it’s not. I suppose we’ve been due one of these exercises in social media doom as we haven’t had a rumour of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit…. [delete as appropriate] dying for a while.

Where did the rumour start?

Buzzfeed released a report saying that Twitter was going to step away from live / timeline tweets to an algorithm, much in the same way as Facebook directs what it thinks is most appropriate at you, not what is the most recent post.

That was refuted by Twitter, who have promised to keep the timeline element which makes Twitter unique. They did however promise there would be some changes. Perhaps an expansion from 140 characters? They’ve locked down the rumours and restricted user reports and other data, so it’s hard to tell.

Twitter is losing users.

Well, it’s actually treading water amongst it’s users, with good growth of new customers. However, the real problem is that people are tweeting less. Numbers released reveal a 50% reduction in tweets [more here] since August 2015, a steep decline.

Twitter’s future?

Things actually look quite good for Twitter. It still has a place for live news, open discussions and is great for interacting live with people on a subject. And that is its strength, as no other platform offers that ability. If Twitter evolves, and it will need to slowly evolve, then it can keep its niche. But there’s always someone out there working out a way to better and supercede your offering. Should Twitter be looking over its shoulder? Maybe, maybe not. But it should certainly be looking to a better, evolved future.